Sociology minors learn how to systematically think about how to conduct social science research. With its focus on core competencies of research methods and social theory, the Minor in Sociology is a great option for students who want to gain a broad understanding to the social world.

Students who are enrolled in a major program other than sociology and who obtain at least 30 credits and no more than 42 credits in sociology courses qualify to graduate with a minor in sociology. You can declare your specialization through the Student Services Centre.

The program requires that students complete the following

Lower-level Requirements:

  • 3 credits of introductory sociology (from SOCI 100, 101, or 102)
  • 3 credits of SOCI 217 Research Methods
  • 6 additional credits of 100/200-level SOCI courses

Upper-level Requirements:

  • 3 credits of classical sociological theory (from SOCI *370 or SOCI 371)
  • 15 additional credits of 300- and/or 400-level SOCI courses

*SOCI 370 is a 6-credit course that covers both classical sociological theory and contemporary sociological theory. If you choose to take SOCI 370 to fulfill classical sociology theory requirement, other 3 credits will be counted towards upper level SOCI electives.

For degree requirements for all UBC Sociology programs, click here

Note: Please see the undergraduate advisor to clarify your program requirements, especially if one of the following pertains to you:

  1. You have sociology transfer credits, or
  2. You have completed an introductory statistics course other than SOCI 328.
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