A Minor in Family Studies teaches how to nurture and strengthen personal relationships, explore issues around dating, cohabitation, marriage, parenting, and the contemporary issues facing families in diverse contexts.

 The program requires that students complete the following

Lower-level Requirements (12 credits):

  • 3 credits of FMST 210
  • 3 credits of SOCI 200 Sociology of Family
  • 6 credits of FMST at the 200-level and/or SOCI 100, 101, 102, 204, 224

Upper-level Requirements (18 credits):

  • 3 credits of SOCI 320 Diversity in Family Forms
  • 3 credits of SOCI 415 Theories of Family and Kinship
  • 12 credits at the 300-level or higher and selected from FMST courses and/or SOCI 324, SOCI 369, SOCI 441, SOCI 442 and SOCI 344

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To earn a Minor in Family Studies, an undergraduate student must successfully complete 30 credits in Family Studies (FMST) and select Sociology (SOCI) courses, including:



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