Family Studies

Family Studies (Minor, Faculty of Arts) offers a life-course perspective to understanding families and other intimate relationships as they develop over time. This incorporates both the study of family in diverse contexts and the predictable ways families change.

The Minor comprises at least 30 credits from family studies (FMST) and sociology (SOCI) courses which must include:

  • 12 credits of electives at the 100-level or above and selected from FMST or SOCI courses and which must include: FMST 210 and SOCI 200
  • 18 credits at the 300- and 400-level and which must include: SOCI 320 and SOCI 415. The remaining upper level credits must be selected from FMST courses or the following sociology courses: SOCI 324, 344 (formerly 444), 369, 441, or 442

Students majoring in Sociology and minoring in Family Studies may double count a maximum of only 6 credits toward both the Major and Minor.

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