Directed Studies

Third- and fourth-year students who would like the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on topics of shared interest should consider completing a directed studies course. The final product of this course is a polished paper which the student can use in their applications to graduate schools or jobs in the labour market.

Directed studies involve reading in a topic area and/or conducting a piece of original research under the supervision of a full-time Sociology faculty member. Students who wish to register for a directed studies course should submit the appropriate application form (CWL Authentication required) by the end of the first week of the term at the very latest. Please note that directed studies are not offered in the summer. A student cannot complete more than 6 credits of directed studies courses for their degree.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be submitted by September 10 for the term 1 and January 10 for term 2.

Application Process

Students who would like to complete a Directed Studies course in Sociology should complete the following steps.

  1. Find a full-time faculty member in the Department of Sociology who is willing to serve as your Directed Studies Supervisor.
  2. Submit the Directed Studies Application (CWL Authentication required) by the end of the first week of the term (or earlier). Your application must include:
    • Reading List
    • Outline
  3. You will be contacted directly by the undergraduate advisor once your application is approved.

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