Networking Opportunities

UBC Sociology is excited to provide free access for 10,000 coffees to help you build your networks online and foster connections with your alumni community.

Thank you for signing up for a virtual coffee chat with our network of students, graduates, and alumni. COVID-19 has created a challenging job market for many young people. Networking online can help you build your professional network, gain industry advice, and help you better navigate your career path.

How to Use Ten Thousand Coffees

Follow these steps to use Ten Thousand Coffees, the networking tool:

1. Create a free profile on The UBC Hub of Ten Thousand Coffees (Make sure you sign up with an email address you check regularly).

2. For your profile in the Basic Information section, please ensure you indicate “Sociology” or “Family Studies” in “School Program” (see screenshot below). There is an “Autofill with LinkedIn” option to upload your details.


3. For the “UBC Hub” Section, when it asks “Select what you’d like to share,” select from the list of other types of support you are able to provide and the kind of mentorship you’d like to receive.

4. Under “Interactions” checking the second box will allow the platform to send you a suggested connection monthly. You can disable this option.


You may be contacted for various forms of career conversations. You will receive an email notification to your preferred address when someone contacts you through the platform. You choose the type of support you are able and willing to provide.

Types of assistance may include:

• Industry and job market insights
• Informal review of resumes, cover letters and online profile
• Career advice
• Informational interviews
• Networking strategies

There is no way to predict this as it is based entirely on the needs of the community at any given time. Alumni and students will be able to search for you on the platform, and if you have the background and knowledge they are looking for, they will reach out to you by sending you a message. Inquiries will be communicated directly to you through your preferred email address. We ask that you acknowledge all inquiries within 48 hours.

The mentorship you provide is informal and maybe on a one-time or ongoing basis. How much you engage, and with whom, is your choice. If you find yourself with too many requests at once, you can direct alumni and students to seek another mentor.

• Improve your communication and leadership skills

• Expand your professional network

• Gain new perspectives on your career

• Give back to your industry and the UBC community

• Be inspired by young people


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