Watch: Our Honours students present their research at our 2023 Sociology Undergraduate Research Conference

Thanks to our Honours students who presented their projects at our Sociology Undergraduate Research Conference last month. We had a fantastic lineup of student presentations and panels this year covering a wide range of topics in Sociology. We are proud to feature recordings of our students’ presentations here.

Our first panel focused on research around interpersonal relationships and emotions with the following presenters and projects:

  • Liva Behji, “Unsmothering Girlhood: The Social Geometry of the Sisterhood Wound.”
  • Emilia Heliakka, “Understanding the Role of Therapeutic Discourse in Young Adults’ Intimate Relationships.”
  • Sanam Kumar, “Policing Public Displays of Affection in India.”


Our second panel focused on topics related to consumption, identity, and race relations

  • Samantha Smith “Reclaiming Agency: The many faces of food security initiative work”
  • Hal Kowalewski “Reclaiming the Rainbow: Queer Identity Formation in Response to Rainbow Marketing”
  • Saarah Rahman “Go Back To Ramadan: a cross comparative observation between British and Canadian Muslims”

Panel III: Lived Experiences, Health & Community

Our third theme focused on lived experiences, health and community:

  • Alessandra Barbosa, “Oppression of Female Sexual Expression: A Marxist Perspective.”
  • Josh Peng, “Asian-Canadian deviancy in Street Racing.”
  • Teodora Eckmyn, “Creating an Urban Arts Commons: A case study of community arts practice in Vancouver.”

Our final panel featured research into parenting, family and social institutions:

  • Yvonne Liang, “Immigrant Families’ Helicopter Parenting and Perceptions of Independence Among Second-Generation University Students.”
  • Navneet Bhangu, “South Asian Immigrant Parents Involvement in their Canadian Born Children’s Homework and its impact on Relationship Development.”
  • Izundu Joshua Onukwulu, “Question of “Universal” in Canadian Healthcare.”
  • Guoliang Zhang, “The Scourge of Party: Politics and Dynamics of Discipline Inspection in China.”

Due to the sensitive nature of our final panelist’s research, we did not record the presentation or the Q&A. However, you can read a Q&A with Guliang about his research project here.

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