Prof. Yue Qian receives 2019 Alexis Walker Award

Yue Qian is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of British Columbia


Yue Qian, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, is the recipient of the 2019 Alexis Walker Award, for her article, “Gender Asymmetry in Educational and Income Assortative Marriage” in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

The Award is given as recognition of any distinguished contribution to path-breaking new research of innovative theory development in the family science discipline.

Alexis Walker held the Petersen Chair in Gerontology and Family Studies at Oregon State University, where she served as Co-Director of the School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. She was a visionary and eminent leader in Family Studies, known for the vitality and interdisciplinary spirit she brought to the scholarship of aging, families, feminism, gender, and health. (Wiley Prize in Family Science: The Alexis Walker Award)