Watch: Dr. Jane Sell’s Martha Foschi Lecture

This year’s Martha Foschi Honorary Lecture was delivered by Dr. Jane Sell on October 25, 2022. Dr. Sell presented a lecture titled, “Racial/Ethnic Discrimination: Questions and (Some) Answers from Experimental Social Psychology.” The lecture is now watchable on our YouTube channel.


Dr. Jane Sell reports on decades of social psychological research directed to determining how race/ethnicity operates in small groups. We know that discrimination within groups is affected by outside forces and then reproduced within groups. In this way, discrimination is perpetuated and strengthened. But we also know that interventions can occur, decrease discrimination, and also be perpetuated. In this lecture, Dr. Sell discusses some of these group interventions, their theoretical rationale, and the evidence supporting them. She also considers implementation issues: What are some problems with implementation and what might be some solutions?