Sojourners release Volume 11 of their Publication

Sojourners, North America’s first undergraduate, peer and faculty-reviewed Sociology publication, releases volume 11 of their journal.

The journal showcases exemplary undergraduate papers written by students with a sociological perspective. Contributing to the journal affords students an invaluable opportunity to have their work published early in their academic careers. Sojourners is published annually by the Sociology Students Association of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Students Published in Volume 11 include:

Andy Holmes, “Exploring Activist Framing in Vancouver’s Uniformed Police Debate: Should Police March in Pride Parades”
Paige Lougheed, “Framing Fashion: Examining Media Coverage of the Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week”
Maude Bachand-Bergeron, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Policing in Liberal Police Procedurals”
Sana Fatima, “Veiling Discrimination and Inequality as Secularism: An Exploration of Quebec’s Bill 62 ‘Niqab Ban'”
Charmaine Lee, “The Ugly Engineering of the Beauty Industry: Mica Mining in the Globalised Age”
Alexandria Pavelich, “Culture as Intervention: Applying Indigenous Knowledge Self-Determination in Suicide Prevention Policies in Northern Saskatchewan”
Kurtis Samchee, “Contemporary Political Debate and Contextual Understanding: A Study of Immigrants as a Lived Experience”
Curtis Seufert, “A Continued History of Rebellion: Negotiating the Realities and Possibilities of Queering Substance Use”

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