Professor Dr. Ethan Raker publishes research on ethnoracial low birth inequalities in the US in SSM Population Health

By examining US births in the first decade of the 21st century, UBC Sociology Prof. Dr. Ethan Barker and NYU PhD candidate Kiara Wyndham Douds examine the geography of ethnoracial inequalities in low birth weights in the United States.

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Dr. Ethan Raker

Their research finds great variation across low birth weight inequalities across counties, with the latter being organized in a regionalized patchwork of inequality. They further find that this geography of ethnoracial low birth weight disparities is driven by greater variation in infants of color’s health, and such inequalities are larger in segregated, socioeconomically unequal and urban counties.

Raker’s and Wyndham Douds’ conclusion aims to posit an approach to health disparities that views such ethnoracial differences as a fundamentally relational and spatial phenomena, caused by systems of White advantage.