Introducing our new Student Services Advisor Adalynn Mai

Adalynn Mai

We are thrilled to introduce Adalynn Mai, our new Student Services Advisor at UBC Sociology.

Adalynn came to Sociology with a background in Science, having completed her undergraduate degree at UBC. Her main responsibilities are undergraduate and graduate student advising.

Get to know Adalynn

What is your fondest memory of UBC?

My fondest memory was living in first-year dorms. It was great getting to know people at the beginning of my academic journey. It was also a great opportunity to meet people from outside of my faculty and program. Even though the living condition wasn’t the greatest, I cherish all those fond connections and memories.

What is your favourite book, movie, tv show, and/or other media?

My favorite movie is Spotlight. It is a movie on a dark, horrifying subject and really complex cases. I am impressed by how the director made a lengthy fact-based story so enticing and engaging. The film also shines a light on the power of journalists and their impact on victims’ lives.

Do you have any pets? Can you tell us about them?

I have two cats, Banban and Lulu. They are my source of comfort and peace. Banban is a tabby cat and he was already an adult when he came to my home. He was an amazing cat for a first-time pet owner like me, calm and well-behaved. Lulu was a three-month-old kitten when I adopted her. Since then, she has been a spoiled little sister and a troublemaker.