Hot Take: Maximizing Technology with Prof. Laura Nelson

Thursday April 11, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Lino Lounge
6303 NW Marine Drive

The Graduate Student Council of Sociology (GSCS) is introducing a new event series: HOT TAKES. We will invite one faculty member each month to share their hot take on an aspect of academia with graduate students in our program.

The objective is two fold:

  1. For grad students to meet and network with faculty members, which may be particularly useful if you are looking for committee members or just want to get to know our professors.
  2. For grad students to learn how to thrive as a sociologist, beyond classroom-skills.

Dr. Laura Nelson will share her hot take on maximizing technology on Wednesday, February 28 at 1pm in Lino Lounge. Learn how to use tech, social media (e.g., X, Bluesky, IG, TikTok), and research technologies (ChatGPT) to its fullest potential in your academic career, whether you should build your own website, and tools to do so.

Coffee will be provided! Please bring any questions you may have.

About Guy Stecklov

Laura K. Nelson is an assistant professor of sociology and director of the Centre for Computational Social Science at UBC. She uses computational methods to study social movements, culture, gender, and organizations and institutions. Her work spans disciplines and subfields, and has been published in American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Sociological Methods & Research, Gender & Society, Big Data & Society, Signs, and New Literary History, among other outlets.