Watch: Dr. Anna Zajacova presents the Kaspar Naegele Honorary Lecture

UBC Sociology’s Distinguished Speaker Series hosted Dr. Anna Zajacova (Western) for the Kaspar Naegele Honorary Lecture on February 7, 2023. Dr. Zajacova presented a lecture titled, “Sociodemographic Perspective, Findings, and Paradoxes in Chronic Pain and Pain Treatments.”

Chronic pain and its treatment are topics highly relevant to policymakers, clinicians, and lay individuals alike. However, sociologists and demographers have contributed relatively little to the scholarship on chronic pain, especially in recent decades. I will present basic facts as well as new, sometimes paradoxical, findings about chronic pain and pain treatments, focusing on the US and Canada. I will argue that chronic pain should play a central role in the sociodemographic study of health, health care and policy because it is a sensitive measure of population health, and reflects social conditions, sociopolitical context, and beliefs and prejudices of society. Chronic pain, its social roots, and social consequences are thus important frontiers for sociological and demographic research.

About Dr. Anna Zajacova

Anna Zajacova is a demographer who researches issues in population health, health inequalities, and social determinants of health over the adult life course. In particular, she aims to understand how educational experiences and attainment influence later-life health and longevity among adults and the elderly. She has published on topics of marital happiness, health, and longevity, educational disparities and adult health, disability trends, and pain. 

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About the Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lecture

In honour of Kaspar Naegele, the first Dean of the Faculty of Arts and a leading sociologist of his day, the Department of Sociology regularly holds the Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lecture. The lecturer also meets individually with faculty and graduate students to provide advice and support. Naegele was a co-editor (with Talcott Parsons, Edward Shils and Jesse Pitts) of Theories of Society, a collection of classical readings in sociological theory. In 1961 he also co-edited, with Bernard Blishen, Frank Jones and John Porter, the first Canadian collection of sociological articles, Canadian Society. The accumulated royalties from that book were endowed and the earnings continue to fund the Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lecture

Professor Naegele’s Legacy at UBC

The Kaspar Naegele Memorial Prize in Sociology and the Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lectureship celebrate Kaspar Naegele’s profound impact on the lives and careers of his students and colleagues during his time at the University of British Columbia. Prof. Naegele joined UBC in 1954, and his work in the following decade earned him a global reputation as a leading sociologist. When he was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty of Arts in 1964, Prof. Naegele put his ideas about education reform into practice. Considering his wealth of achievements at UBC, he is most fondly remembered for his teaching. Beyond delivering lectures, Prof. Naegele showed compassion for his students and was one of the most valued professors. We hope to continue growing the endowments for this lecture and the student award that honours Prof. Naegele. Gifts to these funds can be made by visiting the links below.