Summer Term 2: New Sections & Increased Class Sizes

UBC Sociology is announcing new sections and increased class sizes for our Summer Term 2 Sociology and Family Studies online courses.

Please look below for classes with new sections and expanded class sizes, which will run at the same time as the other section.

Note: Each course will offer two sections taught at the same time by one instructor:

FMST 312-901 and FMST 312-902 (Parent-Child Relationships)

Instructor: Maria Weatherby

SOCI 102-901 and SOCI 102-902 (Inequality & Social Change)

Instructor: Chris Mackenzie

SOCI 302-901 and SOCI 302-902 (Ethnic & Racial Inequality)

Instructor: David Ryniker

SOCI 303-901 and SOCI 303-902 (Sociology of Migration)

Instructor: David Ryniker

SOCI 352-901 and SOCI 352-902 (Organization of Work)

Instructor: Dan Small

SOCI 371-901 and SOCI 371-921 (Classical Theory)

Instructor: Craig Meadows

SOCI 387-901 and SOCI 387-902 (Drugs & Society)

Instructor: Dan Small

We will be increasing the size of FMST 210-901 (Family Context of Human Development) to 150 seats. 

FMST 316-901 Human Sexuality

Tues & Thur

9 am – 1 pm

Instructor: Brandy Wiebe

Please double-check on the SSC to confirm class availability and email your appropriate academic advisor should you have any additional questions.