Ph.D. Candidate Adriana Bordyn Receives Top Cited Article Award of 2018-19 from Wiley Publishing

Congratulations Adriana Bordyn, a Ph.D. student at the UBC Department of Sociology, who has recently received the top cited article award for her paper “Performative Progressiveness: Accounting for New Forms of Inequality in the Gayborhood” (Co-Authored with Prof. Amin Ghaziani).

Performative Progressiveness looks at the co-occurrence of progressive mindsets and homonegative actions among straight residents of urban gay districts. Brodyn and Ghaziani describe the subtle forms that discrimination takes in a contemporary context of increasing acceptance and integration. Their paper was published in City & Community and can be read here.

For more information about Adriana, including her past awards and research areas, including her history at UBC click here.