Pets of Sociology: Maggie

Introducing Professor Sinikka Elliott’s 14-month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy Maggie.

First Thing You Notice About Me

I am small but have a big presence. I’m very curious and want to sniff your leg if you will let me.

Favourite Things

I love laying on several pillows piled up on the couch and looking out the window, especially if I’m catching some rays of sun. It’s even better if my people are around me because I like to be where they are.

Something You Don’t Know About Me

I was rescued from the streets by a group of teenagers who’d just struck out to live on their own. I was a 5-week-old, 4-pound abandoned puppy. I was so undernourished and dirty, they thought my fur coat was brown, not white. My new teenage owners all passed me around the living room of their shared home, tenderly cradling me in their hands. One astute teenager who was cupping me in his hands looked down at my matted fur coat and said, “Dude, this puppy has mange.” That’s when another astute teenager said, “My mom loves her already, maybe she can afford the vet bills so she can get better.”

When Sinikka found out she was going to be able to help take care of me, she did a little dance that her family still teases her about. Eventually, I ended up living with Sinikka and that’s been pretty good, but I still sometimes see teenagers who look like my original rescuers and get very excited. Sinikka doesn’t mind, too much.