Pets of Sociology: Finn

Introducing Finn, Professor Robyn Pitman’s 14-month old Golden Retriever Rough Collie Dog.

First Thing You Notice About Me

I say hi to everyone. I think everyone, animal, and human, should be my friend and I usually have a huge grin on my face. I love coming to work at the ANSO building and saying hi to all my human friends.

Favourite Things

I love going for walks at Pacific Spirit Park and I started swimming this summer. I get to travel with my humans, but I prefer the car over an airplane. I am happy that I get to go where my humans are. I like to play with my fur friends in my neighbourhood and I get upset when I watch them from outside the window and cannot say hi to them.

Something You Don’t Know About Me

It was so hot this summer that I started sleeping in the bathroom. My owners joke that it’s my “new” bedroom but jokes on them, every room in the apartment is my room.